Friday, 21 August 2015

Improved Shooting

I'm shooting a few and often, the problem is not getting too grooved in to one range and one target position. I'd noticed a bit fat pigeon on the lawn, I mimed shooting him through the patio doors, it gave a good focus, so I promptly cut out a pigeon shape and pinned it to the target in the garage. Yeah I know the tail is too short, but it was just an odd scrap of paper.
My first three shots were rather spread, but having warmed up, the next three were spectacular, each nicking the kill circle.

I can always group one arrow (joke) often two, but it's easy to start thinking and spoil the next shot.
Later in day I thought I'd try something different, I backed up about 5 yards under the Yew tree and tucked behind the potted Tree Fern. No room to stand so I knelt (I love the kneeling shot, plenty of stability), the bow had to be almost horizontal and the target was only visible through a small gap. I concentrated on form ... thud, a kill. I didn't shoot the other two arrows. Always finish practice on a good shot.
I'm finding I'm more consistent now, it still takes 3 arrows to warm up sometimes, but I'm happy that my left/right variation is better. Still have to remember, anchor, full draw, push out at the target, follow through.
Looking forward to the shoot on Sunday, I'll try to keep some discipline and concentrate on enjoying the shooting, the score can sort itself out.
Talking of scores... the final Cider result is 23 Litres and a litre of apple juice in the fridge. Should be ready to taste by 2016.
I've just about got all the cider making gear washed and stashed away. A good sweep up and I'll have a sort through my staves.

I've got an Elm warbow to work on, the Hazel I was messing about with at one of the shows, I also fancy making a Yew or Laburnum Mollegabet flight bow with a bit of deflex and levers that are kicked forwards. If I splice the levers on I can use a shorter bit of wood. I want to get past 300 yards again.
I've also had a couple of enquiries for Yew bows, so I may get a visit.
Ooooh! I'm getting all excited at the prospect of getting back on the shave horse.

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