Thursday, 8 October 2015

More Molle' Pics

I couldn't resist giving it the first wipe of Danish oil, there is some great character in the wood...
It's a fine line between "split to hell" and "character", but I think we've managed to stay just the right side!

Maybe calling it a "starburst" at the grip is a tad fanciful, but it's a bit of a conversation piece.

The first coat of Danish oil has shown up some of the tool marks so it's been sanded and scraped a bit more and been given the second coat.

The pic on the right shows it drying, you can see the unstrung shape is much better than it was in previous posts, it's pretty straight now.
I'll get on with making a string now.

The remains of the knot visible in the bottom pic is the knot which became exposed where I cut away some of the grip to extend the limb, shown in the bottom pic in this post :-
You can see how much that part of the limb was rasped down to end up how it is now.

Update:- I've added another couple of pic's . The black horn of the lower nock blends in nicely with the black streaks in the wood. The "Eye" feature on the back near one lever also shows some of the natural concave shape along the back. This sort of shape is what can make tillering tricky, you just can't measure the limb thickness as it's cross section is so irregular.

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