Monday, 5 October 2015

Stitch in Time

I've replaced the belly wood on one lever of the Molle' where it was full of splits and in danger of falling apart. The other lever has a couple of splits which I'd flooded with superglue, but it just doesn't soak in as one would hope, I could get my finger nail in and lift the splinter, so I've sawn off some of the belly and glued on a strip of Yew from the same piece that I used on the other lever.
With the reinforced levers holding the ends of the limbs together maybe I should add a chuck of clean Yew to the grip as it's full of splits and shakes. There is plenty of wood at the grip so it's probably fine and it gives it some character. I think this bow will need a lot of shooting in before I'm happy to consider it sound, I'll check on the actual draw length it will get used at, most people just say 28" as a default draw length, but many are a bit short of that in reality.
Once the bow is shot in I'll put on black water buffalo horn nocks.

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