Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Yew Molle Full Draw +

Now both levers have sound wood on the belly I'm a bit more confident and I'll press on with horn nock overlays.

I finally plucked up courage and took it to full draw and even took it briefly to 29", mind the overdraw just allows for the brace height to come up a whisker.
I think it's going to be a spectacular bow when it's finished, and although it's only just a whisker over 40# I think it will punch it's weight ok.

I'm just getting over a stinking cold, so I've only been doing the odd 10 minutes work here and there, with plenty of cat naps.

I've got the horn glued on each end and the top nock done... unfortunately I've just got a message saying the guy would prefer pale horn or antler... D'oh. Anyhow, it can be re-done, beut here are some pics to show how it looks with black horn.
It sort of matches in with the dark streaks in the Yew...
No prob' to change it if needed, I'll hang fire on the second nock until I get word.

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