Thursday, 15 October 2015

Yew Longbow

This stave seems a bit odd, the wood doesn't have the usual crisp feel and it's taken a good bit of set already. I tried to snap one of the long thin off cuts from one of the edges and it bent double without breaking. It feels like it's not properly seasoned. the pith is cracking out to the belly too.
I'm keeping it somewhere warm and dry to try and ensure it's thoroughly dry, I'm going to have to do some heat treating/bending to even it out. Maybe it's just tension in the wood that's being relieved... Dunno really, but you have to work with what you have, also have to look for the plus rather than the minus, a little set will ensure it gets out to 32" draw, I can always get it part tillered and then correct it.

Meanwhile I've started putting putting horn nocks on a partly finished Yew longbow, it's about 70# at 27". I'll be finishing it to 28" draw length once the nocks are on.
I've got the nocks on and rough finished, the wood by the bottom nock is interesting.
The heartwood swells up to the surface of the stave at that point, not following the rings, it gives a discontinuity in the sapwood, but that shouldn't be a problem so near the tip where there is very little bending force.

I'll give that nock a quick polish up so you can see the contrast. There are some nice pale streaks in the nock, but they don't really show up in the pic, As is often the case the pics don't really do it justice, but I don't want to spend the time and effort building a photographic studio... well maybe I would if I had the room, money & time.

I've shot a few arrows from it and adjusted the arrow pass/grip area a bit to improve how the arrow lies against the bow. I'm using an old string that, with a good deal of extra twist, fits ok. Blimey it's hard work to draw and my fingers really feel the stretch, I'm obviously a bit out of practice...
Conversely I shot 8 arrows left handed from the Molle' and they were pretty good, even got two touching and within an inch of my scrap of paper that I was aiming at. The string line is spot on now and the bow feel pretty solid and secure, although that's all in the mind, sometimes a bow will worry me no end until it's finished and it will be fine, other times, I'll be happy as Larry and one will blow up.

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