Saturday, 17 October 2015

Yew Longbow 70@28"

The longbow is now finished apart from a few coats of Danish Oil and some buffing up of the nocks.

This is the bow that was partly finished here:-
Here's a few pics with it's nice new string at a good full 28" draw.
You can just about make out the arrow plate, it's very subtle but has a nice bit of figure in it. The bow is fairly pale over all but will darken up a bit with time.

Fashion notes:-Those baggy sleeves aren't very good for shooting.

Meanwhile the stave that was warping and cracking has been steamed straightened in 3 sections over the course of the day, I'll give it a day or so to recover and start work on it again.


  1. That's a real nice bend. I've been back a few times looking at it