Thursday, 1 October 2015

Yew Molle' Progressing

The bow is looking much better, it's now round the right way with the natural sideways bend favouring a left hander. I've shaped the grip just a bit for the fun of it and I'm working at getting each limb working smoothly so I can tease it back to 28" draw, it's at a low brace maybe 4" or so.
I'm now hoping for 40# or maybe a little over, but I'm not going to sacrifice tiller for poundage as the wood is so marginal in places.
Right limb needs to flex a little more where it fades into the grip, the left maybe does too.
I'm not certain of the solidity of the right lever, but that can always have a piece laminated onto the belly side.
You can see it's about 43# at 27" so I don't have much to play with.
I've shot a dozen arrows through it at about 27" draw, it feels weird as I'm shooting it left handed, but it seems pretty quick and I'm slowly zoning in and beginning to group.
As it settles down I'll fine tune the tiller and get some weight off the levers.
It's taken a fair bit of set, but considering the state of the wood, that's fair enough. I can't risk heat treating it as it may dry it too much and open up the splits. I think it's going to be a decent bow for field shooting,

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