Wednesday, 21 September 2016

150# Warbow Back to 28"

Here's the video:-
This is a still grabbed from the video.
To get it back the last 4" won't take much, bear in mind the tips of a bow only comd back about 1/3 as far as the string! So the tips are only going to come back just over another inch, which doesn't give me much room for tiller improvement.
I think the right limb is a tad stiff, (try holding a CD up to the pic and you'll see what I mean) but just cleaning it up, rounding the edges, scraping out the tool marks and narrowing the tips will bring it back a bit. I s'pose it's not at full brace height so that will bring the tips back a bit more too.
I've already glued on the top nock, but haven't shaped it. Hopefully I'll have it pretty much done tommorrow, but then there is the finishing, nock shaping etc. I may add an horn arrow plate as war arrows with binding on the fletchings can rip into the side of a bow eventually.


  1. Any chance of seeing the glued but unshaped nock?

    1. Top nock is done but I'll take a pic of the bottom one for you.

    2. Have a look at this post:-