Monday, 12 September 2016

Repairs Done

The repair work is done but hasn't been tested or had any finish applied, I want to give the glue another 24 hours to cure. The patch will look darker once it has some Danish Oil on it, it will also age a bit darker given time.

On the primitive I've bound the cord back on the grip, I don't know if the crack will hold, but hopefully it will now the bow is better balanced.
The guy didn't want all the extra work done to straighten the limbs, but I did spend 25 minutes taking some of the set out of the upper limb buckshee, just to make it look better and put back a little of the draw weight as I'd taken at least 10# off it.
See pic for before and after. The 'before' pic is pretty indicative of the upper limb (right) being weaker as it had taken most of the set.

I'll get a pic of both bows on the tiller tomorrow to see if they need any re-tillering. It's always tricky to know how much work to put in, I like to leave a bow performing as good as possible but you can't make a silk purse from a Sow's ear. I'm sure the primitive will be a vastly improved bow to actually shoot, I'll save comment on the Warbow until I see it on the tiller.

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