Thursday, 22 September 2016

150# Warbow Nearly Done

I've got the horn nocks on, but not polished and the tips narrowed. The bow is now back to 30" at 150#, by the time I've been over it with the scraper and sanded it down it should be back to 32".
Someone asked for pictures of the horn nock before shaping. This is the bottom one which is rather a large chunk of horn, as the tip of the horn has been sawn off and used for the top nock.
Note, in the top pic, there is a bit of the Elm temporary nock showing still. Gluing an extra bit on the tip can be a good way of adjusting the tip angle or alignment which will end up being reinforced and concealed by the horn nock. The top nock is much darker than the lower despite being from the same horn.

I'm taking a hint off the upper limb as I'm tidying it up, rounding the corners/edges and scraping quite hard as it's still a tad stiff.

The undulation at the tip of the upper limb is looking really characterful, I'll get a pic of it tomorrow when the nock is polished up..

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