Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Low Brace 150# Warbow

I've teased it back to 150# on a low brace, I need to get the outers moving, but she's looking promising.
One problem is the sapwood is much thicker on the lower limb so I'm having to reduce that over the last 10" of the limb, that's involved sawing off the temporary nock, reducing the sapwood and re-gluing the temporary nock.
Here's the video:-

I've now put a coarse belt onto my belt sander and run the sides of the bow on it to true 'em up and loose a hint of width, I'm aiming to make this bow relatively narrow especially at the tips. I want this to be fast as well as brute poundage.
It's back on the tiller and is now back to 26" at 150#, just out of interest that interpolates to about 184# at 32" ... that should be enough for JT ;-)

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