Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sue Meets Wonky Bow

My friend Sue dropped in to pick up the Wonky Hazel bow, she was travelling up to Norfolk from the South coast with her husband, so it was convenient to stop at ours for a break. We had a fine time, a bite to eat and a quick run through with the bow and some of my more unusual stuff. The Chinese Repeater was a big hit, and we gave the cut out foam plastic piglet a good pasting! A few hours passed in a flash and they had to travel onwards. Sue will be shooting over the weekend, so hopefully she'll get on with the bow. The notional price of the bow is being donated to a charity that Sue supports ( EDS is the condition it supports) .
She certainly liked the bow and the admired the shiny coppery bark on the back, I think she was itching to try it at some 3Ds.

It was a busy day and I barely had time for a cat nap, before Nick turned up to collect the two bows I'd worked on, he was happy with the work, but disappointing when we tested the longbow and found it was 90# not the 115# he was expecting. As a quick verification test I drew it myself, something I hadn't tried when I thought it was 115# which is beyond me.

I need to have a good clean up and tidy away the cider making kit before I get back to the bows. Mind I should have more time now, as I finally fully retired on Wednesday at 12 noon. I'd only been working two half days a week, so it's not too big a change. Best advice to anyone slowly approaching retirement is to reduce your days gradually, I went 5,4,3,2... and finally 2 half days. Even just going to a 4 day week is a good step. Anyhow, it's good to be retired, now if only I had an engrossing hoby to turn my hand too ;-)
I was given a good send off at work, with us old hands being taken out for a pub lunch (my Wife included). Over 40 years in electronics and software had seen a lot of changes, no computers or mobile phones when I started!


  1. Happy retirement Derek.

    1. Cheers, the comment somehow got seen as spam. So I've just despamicated it :)

  2. Congrats on the retirement - same as me, 40-odd years in electronics & software, but I stopped it dead last August bank holiday. Now it feels like every day is the first day of a two-week holiday :-)
    Hope you have a long and happy retirement - enjoy!
    Bob S.