Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Reworked Laminate and a Warbow Stave

I've got the nocks finished on the laminate and narrowed the outer limbs a good deal. It's tillered to 32", but I've just taken it to 30" to have a look at the tiller, it looks fine and is pulling a bit over 75#, I'll make a new string, apply some finish (slightly tricky as I don't know what the original finish is) and it's done.

Meanwhile I've made a start on the other Pacific Yew Warbow stave, there were some tricky knots to fill on belly and a big undulation near one tip. I was worried that, in trying to rough it out to avoid the knots I'd left it too narrow at the tips and also take too muck off the belly. Would it ever make the target weight of 115# ?
Only one way to see, glue on some temporary nock overlays and pull it to 115#.
Whew... it looks like I have plenty of wood still! Obviously the tiller is awful, the left limb is flexing and the right is only flexing in the area I was worried about near the end, but it's not too weak.

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