Thursday, 27 April 2017

Rubbish and Rubbish

Having a bit of a tidy of the garage and taking Yew off cuts and garden rubbish to the council tip. I looked at the Yew which I'd given up on the other day and wondered if I could maybe get some heartwood strips out of it, enough for the limbs of a bamboo backed Yew. A bit of time on the bandsaw and I've got a couple of pieces that might do.

I took the rest to the tip and whilst peering into the timber skip I saw a nice length of old fine grained pine that looked like it had been stripped out of an old house, maybe from boxing in some pipework. It was just over 1/2" thick and about 8" x 5' ,I thought it might do for flight arrows, so I took it out and put it in the car.
I've just run it through the bandsaw into square section strips, it seems quite promising as I tried to snap an offcut and it was damn tough.

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