Saturday, 29 April 2017

Reusing Stuff and Improvements

I recently put up 2 new light fittings in the kitchen, one of the old ones was still in good condition so I mounted it onto a bit of old board with a length of rope so it can be hung over the workbench, or anywhere it's needed.

I decide to change the abrasive paper in my arrow tapering jig ready for completing some flight arrows for my mate JT. I was amazed how much dust had accumulated in it, as an improvement I've drilled a row of holes, it certainly helps the dust to drop out.
I also chamferred the leading edge a bit to avoid getting a shoulder on the shaft, you'll notice I also have a slip of paper over the leading edge too. Note in the pic I've opened out the jig to show the 1/2" diameter holes every 2", I'm considering drilling additional holes to make it every inch as it works so well, but dunno if I'll get round to it!)...
Health Warning:- The dust from Port Orford Cedar is rated as quite nasty in terms of irritating the lungs and being quite potent. I've had a niggly cough over the last month or so and tend to suffer with sinus problems, so I must be more careful when using the arrow taper jig.

I'm just tinkering around with stuff as I'm between bows and not sure what to pick up next.

Ruth came to pick up her bow on Thursday and we had a good session shooting a variety of bows and crossbows, it also inspired me to strip down the Chinese Repeater and do a video of it being shot and stripped down for my Youtube chanel here's the link for those who haven't seen it posted on Facebook.
Unfortunately it was drizzling a bit and I didn't get round to taking any pics. The bow seemed to be a nice manageable draw weight with some spare draw available for roving or flight. She tried some of my shorter bows using different anchor points (thumb behind jaw/cheek) and a more hunched over stance to keep the eye above the nock. That was better for the 10 yard shots and also gave a longer draw than the target style draw to the chin/kisser style. It will be interesting to see how she gets on with it.
Talking of different styles of shooting there has been a load of discussion about unsolicited advice and coaching on Facebook...  One chap had posted a nice clip of him shooting (which looked fine to me) and people were jumping on saying his elbow was too high or too low.
It was all bonkers as his right forearm was perfectly in line with the arrow which is doubtless what some coaches would advocate!
I made the point that there are too many people who think that Olympic recurve (or their own style) is the only style. I also said that criticism shouldn't be offered unless requested.
One bloke got particularly objectionable and obnoxious but was slapped down, all rather unpleasant.
My parting shot about coaching was two words...
Dick Fosbury !
The coaches all said he was wrong to try and clear the high jump bar going over on his back!

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