Monday, 19 August 2013

Boo Glued and Frozen Bread!

The Bamboo has been planed down to a nice thin slat about 3-4mm thick near the centre and about 3mm at the tips. A sharp plane does the job nicely if the slat is clamped to a length of 2x2 , a rasp can adjust any thick areas and the belt sander flattens it off ready to glue.
Like all these jobs it wise to stop when you think it's finished, have a cup of tea and then have another look, there are invariably areas that need improvement. Too late if you've rushed into the glue up.
I glued it up with Resintite and bound the slat to the Yew belly with one layer of rubber strapping pulled V tight. The stave was then bound to the length of 2x2 at the grip and a couple of offcuts placed under the tips.
I flexed it a few times to settle it, the glue should be cured by tomorrow morning.
At a casual glance it looks like I've put in a lot more reflex than the inch or two I'd said I'd give it. Looks can be deceptive , if you look at the pics, yes it looks like the tip is up by 3" looking at the top of thestave, but the grip itself is up by 1.5" so I've only actually given it the 1-2" I said.
There are a couple of thin wedges under the grip to get it to sit square, it was all at a slight angle intil I added them, again, always wise to look along the stave to make sure it's all straight and true... no good unwrapping it in the morning to find the reflex bend is slightly sideways.

Ah yes..
I forgot to take a loaf out of the freezer this morning...the bandsaw sliced it a treat.


  1. Yum....
    yew and boo flavoured toast with a seasoning of light blade oil

  2. @Matt: Ni-i-ice :-)
    @Derek: As an engineer, that's what I like to see - "Adopt, Adapt, and Improve" !

  3. Getting ready for bowmaking again in november, eh?

  4. Yeah, I just couldn't stop myself. I painted the kitchen ceiling over the weekend, so I could enjoy some guilt free bowmaking ;)