Thursday, 22 August 2013

Yew Boo Glue Two

Excuse the tabloid style title... I couldn't resist.
Been at it all morning planing down another bit of 'boo, I think I got it a tad thinner this time, tapering from about 4mm to 2mm.
I grooved the mating surfaces slightly using my cabinet rasp sideways on like a spokeshave. There are endless arguments and discussions about whether you should roughen surfaces or not for gluing.
I think it depends on the glue really, some have gap filling properties, some don't. I effectively roughened the surfaces , but only in the direction of the natural fibres.
I took more trouble binding it with freshly cut rubber straps, having two layers all along the stave. I strapped it down to the 2x2 and put a block under each end, giving it a bit more reflex this time. It seemed a heck of a force needed to pull it into reflex, so hopefully there will be enough oomph to make the required draw weight. It was about 12:30 when I finished so, the strapping can come off late tonight. They say 6 hours, but I'll give it until 10 o'clock, maybe that way I'll avoid having to sit through another depressing news program (insert your own rant about politics/religion/man's general stupidity here)

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