Saturday, 10 August 2013

Copper Arrow

On the other archer sculptures I've done the arrows had no fletchings. I thought that a lack of the them would let the piece down on this one... But how to do them? Trying to solder 3 individual fletchings of copper would be a nightmare.
I had an off cut of the 5mm rod left about 2" long ... so I embarked on trying to fashion one from that.
It took plenty of hammering and annealing of the copper, but it slowly became thinner and longer with a thick lump at each end, these were filed to become the flights and point.
It's not perfect, but it looks pretty good. The shaft is even slightly barrelled! It's taken the best part of a day, disproportionately long to the rest of the work, but as they say, the devil is in the detail.
I've been tinkering with the archer himself and adjusting the feel, balance, bow and hand positions. He's looking good.
Should have it all done tomorrow except for mounting on a slice of Yew.
Here's the arrow, maybe it's a tad fat?
I'll have a look tomorrow with it on the sculpture, it does need to be fairly solid.
I hate it when you see archer sculptures in stately homes, usually a bronze of a nubile Diana with the bow held the wrong way round, a bent arrow and a slack thread for the string. Usually done with attention to thinly veiled eroticism rather than the actual representation of shooting a bow!

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