Sunday, 4 August 2013

Copper Archer Taking Shape

The sculpture is taking shape, I've slimmed down his limbs and got him posed with a bit of cane the size of the bow. I've ordered some 5mm diameter copper rod for the bows as the relatively thin sheet won't look right. His second pair of arms for the full draw position have been cut out.
Coming along nicely.
It's a nice change from making bows and a great thing to just tinker with and fuss over. His head will get jogged across a bit to make his neck more central and there will be plenty of other changes.
Of course, in this ready to draw pose he'd bee looking down at the bow or out at his target, but I don't want to have multiple heads. The main thrust of the sculpture will be full draw. This first arm position is just giving the feeling of build up, anticipation and movement.

It's all about slowly building up the balance and feel. A bit like making a bow, it has to be all brought up to the finished state together, can't just work on one bit in isolation and finish that.

Copper is great to work with as it's soft enough to cut and file easily but can be hardened with some hammering or softened up again (annealed) by getting it red hot and quenching it. That's the opposite to steel which would harden if quenched from red heat.

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