Friday, 9 August 2013

Copper Archer has a Bow

I've made the full draw bow for the archer I bought some 5mm copper rod to make a really solid looking warbow for the full draw pose. I've lightly riveted the full draw arms on so I can have a good look and start on the final work.

Meanwhile I had an enquiry about the details of my tiller rig so here are some pics.
The block which supports the bow was originally screwed straight into the wall with coach bolts, but one character bow was very wide with waggly limbs which fouled the wall so I added another block behind it to space it away from wall by about an inch. The second pic shows how the pulley is bolted to the wall. The final pic shows the winch mounded on a free standing wooden base, from (blockboard). As the tension is applied by the winch it pulls tightly in and down towards the wall and floor becoming very solid. Yet it can be lifted away to allow the rope to be pulled manually so that a bow can be rapidly flexed up and down. The winch is mostly handy for heavier bows. The handle on the winch was originally much longer and fouled the wall, I cut it down to prevent this, it still provides plenty of mechanical advantage.

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