Friday, 30 August 2013


The horn arrived this morning, (from Highland Horn) you can see it's pale and some bits have nice black blobs showing, of course it looks rough and scruffy in this state but once shaped and polished it should have some nice streaks of colour. I like the polishing phase, as it suddenly brings out all the features and beauty of the horn. Those 6 bits should keep me going for a while.

I've done some more on Twister 2. I've cut out a bit for the grip, not too much but just enough to show where it will be and allow me plenty of wood for shaping and adjustment. I've pegged 4 small knots too on my better safe than sorry principal. You can see the peg near the tip, I have the lamp on it to warm it and help cure the epoxy glue quickly. I've had it on the tiller on a loose string and pulled it to 45#, it flexes a bit, The inner limbs are moving, which is how I like to do it, get the inners just flexing then move out along the limb. Some other people do it the other way round, get the tips moving first... whatever works for you!

We have visitors over the weekend and I'm also going to be on the tree surgeon's stand at  Thurlow Fayre on Sunday The Tree surgeon is the guy who let me take all the Yew on this post

Hopefully on the Monday I'll get the top nock done on the BooYew bow.
Ha! Just had a thought, maybe I could get it glued on Saturday morning and shape it up at the Fayre... give me something to show and tell.

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