Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sculpture Finished

Well all finished except for a base to stand on.
Showing the three together gives an idea of how an idea or concept evolves and develops. Which is 'best' is mostly a matter of taste. The first being made of Yew is appealing, the second is more sinuous and fluid, the last is more powerful and muscular.
Did a bit more roughing out of a warbow stave too, it won't be ready until November, but some more reducing of the stave has seen two big knots dissapear from the belly.
Had a visit from a guy I met on one of the archery forums, he brought over a 1/4 yew log which we ran through the bandsaw. He showed me some planks of Hickory and Lemonwood which he'd bought. V interesting visit, we had a go with the repeater and some of the other bows, he was favourably impressed with the Hazel and I think he'll be cutting some soon to have a go at a self bow.

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