Thursday, 12 November 2015

Back on the Tiller

I've had a bit of a rasp and scrape on the upper limb of the knotty Yew, I've shot 55 arrows through it at a full 28" draw and was beginning to group 'em nicely.
I've put it back on the tiller at a full brace height and taken it back to over 29".
I think it's looking pretty good now, maybe a tad stiff by that knot in the upper limb, but I don't want to risk easing that off.
It's still a whisker over 50# at 28, so I could take a few more scrapes off the right tip.
It looks to be working hard in the handle, but you have to remember it has that deflex at the grip
Anyhow, judge for yourselves, any comments welcomed.
Here's a video look around the bow:-

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