Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Knotty Yew Full Draw

I'm back to the bows, the knotty Yew now has a string and a leather grip made of leather salvaged from a ship that went down in 1786.
Rather than me writing about it, here's the info:-

The leather is in remarkably good condition and surprisingly supple, it has a nice smell of leather, sea and tar.
The bow has had a few arrows through it and has been drawn to about 30" (pic is at a good 28.5").
I'll shoot it in a bit more but it looks like I may want to ease off the upper limb a whisker as it looks a tad stiff compared to the lower. The draw weight is a little over 50# at 28".

Anyhow, it's good to get all the bows back into the garage and we now have solar panels fitted on the roof.
Even on this very dull day we have generated over 2.5kwh.
I was amused to find an E-mail from my Electricity supplier this very morning saying they wanted to increase my charges as the direct debit wasn't keeping up with my usage. Hopefully once all the paperwork is done the solar panels and the "feed in tariff" will wave a metaphorical two fingers at them.

Update:- I've eased off the outer 1/4 of the upper limb (not going anywhere near the knots which i feel are about right. I've twisted the string up to full brace height as it's now settled having been shot a bit. Then I shot 21 arrows through it (an odd number, but it's 3 lots of the 7 11/32" full 28" arrows which I have). It feels good but I must confess I've wrapped above the grip with masking tape and I'm shooting it right handed. I'll get 50 arrows through it and put it back on the tiller see how it looks.

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