Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stick Bow Gets an Outing

It was a foggy morning, I got slightly disorientated driving there and missed the turn off to Avalon... I suddenly realized I didn't recognize the road and ended up with about 20 minutes extra driving to get me there.
I arrived in time and the fog was clearing to a lovely day.
I blanked the first target, putting all three arrows high, but soon settled down. I missed a couple of long shots later but after lunch I had a great run 16 targets with all but one being a first arrow kill or wound (the other one being a second arrow wound).
On to the last target and someone said... you need 16 to make 500!
I'd rather not have known that, but waited to shoot, last up on the last peg, needing 16 (first arrow wound or kill)
No pressure then!
It was a fairly easy shot at a 3D Baboon. Twack, thud a bit low but in the belly, another 1/2" low and it would have been a miss.
All in all a great day's shooting in good company and I think I may have found a new field shooting bow!
Thanks to the folk at Avalon for a great shoot and tasty catering, egg and bacon sandwich and apple pie...mmm

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