Saturday, 7 November 2015

Still Waiting...

We are having solar panels fitted and the best access to the back of the house is through the garage.
I deweaponized the garage to stop any of the bows getting damaged or arousing unwanted curiosity.

It's a good chance to have a serious tidy up, but means I can't work on the bows at the moment. The electronics and wiring is all done and fitters are back on Monday to put up the panels.

I s'pose I can maybe get a grip fitted onto the knotty bow and maybe the serving will arrive in the post today. Ordered some more low viscosity superglue online as I noticed I was virtually out.

Here's a random pic of the solar panel inverter in the loft. It turns DC from the panels to AC at the right voltage and frequency synchronised to match the mains. I really wanted one of those big lever switches like in the Frankenstein films so I could shout "More power Igor" when it's switched on.
Ha, it's just turned up in the post!

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