Thursday, 26 November 2015

Visitor and Videos

It's been a busy week. I had a chap come over to collect a bow on Tuesday, he'd flown over from Denmark on business and called in to pick up the bow. We had a fine time working through my various bows including the crossbows. He'd flown over and fortunately I had a tough cardboard tube I could pack the bow in for him. I don't think it would have survived the airport baggage handlers otherwise. It's no problem getting suitable tubes from the local carpet warehouses.
Hopefully he got back alright.

I've almost finished the series of videos following the entire build of a Yew English longbow. I've just filmed the fitting, shaping and polishing of a horn nock... it was a nightmare as I contrived to make several mistakes. First the horn moved as I was drilling it and it would have been angled backwards at an ugly angle. I drilled a second piece for the top nock and then promptly glued it onto the lower limb! That wasn't too much of a problem as I could just shape it as the bottom nock. the upshot is I now have 3 spare bits of horn which are suitable for bottom nocks and none long enough for top nocks.
A phone call to Highland Horn to order fifty quids worth of horn soon solved that problem, and it will keep me in horn for a year or two.

I've been busy doing the paperwork for our solar panels, and it was a relief when it was all accepted as ok by the energy supplier. The solar panels are working pretty well despite the short dull days, best daily output has bee 6.3 kWH and on a sunny day it supplies more than enough power during daylight hours.
Here's the link to the video:-

Just one more video to do showing the finished bow, some of the detail and it actually being shot.

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