Sunday, 22 November 2015

Yew ELB Nearly There.

I've been going over the bow cleaning it up, narrowing it a tad more, rounding the belly etc.
It's nearly there now.
The video shows some of the process and it working on the tiller.

maybe the right tip could come round a whisker more, but that will get eased off when the nocks are done.
Looking good.


  1. I turned new sheaves for my blocks using High Density Poly. Nice and quiet, no lube needed.

  2. Ah, good project for my little lathe :-)

  3. Del..Are u not afraid of poisonous yew dust?

  4. Not too much. I have a dust extractor on the belt sander and bandsaw. Rasp and spokeshave don't really make much dust. The sanding when doing the final finishing does get a bit dusty, but it doesn't effect me much.
    I do suffer from pre-existing sinus problems, so I often rinse out my sinuses. (Sometimes after doing a lot of sanding). I should wear a mask I s'pose, but the it makes my glasses steam up.
    Every man is his own safety officer.

  5. BTW. Some people do react badly to it and to other wood dust. Allergies are odd things, they can even suddenly appear or disappear in an individual. Dunno what the state of my lungs is, but they seem pretty good and I don't smoke. Apparently the Romans used to use Yew to make a suicide drink. It made me nervous when I saw someone making Pine Needle tea on the TV in a survival program!

  6. Maybe You are not ultimate bowyer...hard like a rock, wise like a Owl...or maybe You just became one part with yew after doing so many bows :D Btw great videos..keep it rockin ! I hope someday You will make videos of making warbow :D

    1. A Warbow would be very similar to this, except I'd rough it out to about 40mm square in the centre section, and it would be longer.
      The principle of pulling to full draw weight from the start would still apply, but I'd definitely need stringer grooves at the tips. I'd glue on temporary tip overlays for the grooves and to take the extra load.