Monday, 2 November 2015

Knotty Yew 50# @ 27"

It's nearly there, I've cleaned up the belly with a scraper and filled the pith grooves on the belly with Walnut dust to keep the dark look of it.
The right tip could do with easing off a tad, but I think it's ready for horn nocks to be fitted and blending in the nocks will probably ease them off.
You can see the limbs are now relatively straight with some deflex at the grip, hopefully this will give the bow a safety margin for a fuller draw.
In the full draw pic, the right limb looks a bit straight/stiff between the knot and about 1 brick length from the grip. This is due to a slight hint of reflex in that area (see the curve of the sapwood in the pic top right). The sapwood sweeps up to go over the knot which also confuses the eye... It also looks a bit like there is no heartwood at that point, that's not the case.
Some people dislike set or deflex, but it can give a smoother shooting bow. Time will tell once it's got nocks and a decent string. At that point I'll see about teasing the draw back further, keeping a careful eye on the tiller and any set.

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