Monday, 25 January 2016

Bit More on the AFB

I didn't feel particularly like working on bows this morning, but I pottered about tidying and sweeping the garage... next thing I know I've picked up the AFB (American Flat Bow) and started reducing it a little more.  It still needs a few weeks to finish off the seasoning indoors somewhere warm as I've removed a good deal of wood.
It certainly feels seasoned, but I don't want any nasty surprises with it moving on me.
I've cleaned up the back taking out the bandsaw marks with plane spokeshave and scraper. I've improved the thickness taper and it flexes when I lean on it. Then I marked out a centre line (using a length of string held on with masking tape) and a little tip taper and run it through the bandsaw. I've allowed the lower limb a slight waggle mid limb to follow the wood, although it's rather slight and would have been ok to lay out dead straight.
I've still got plenty of width and thickness to play with.
The centre has been  sketched out roughly where the grip and arrow shelf will be, there's a nice knot near there which will look great when it's all shaped and polished.

I couldn't resist making this silly little animated video:-

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