Wednesday, 20 January 2016


I was hoping to get some video of the Warbow as I've pulled it to a full 32", but I woke up yesterday and the room was spinning and I felt dizzy if I moved my head.
It's an inner ear infection and very frustrating as I felt ok as long as I didn't move my head. I didn't even feel up to making a string for the bow.

I feel a bit better this morning, still a bit queasy but I can move about steadily and I can sit at the computer.
If it warms up a bit I may make the string this afternoon, I can't abide enforced idleness.

I'm sort of treading water doing this rather scruffly post, I expect I'll be back to my old self tomorrow, meanwhile here's a few pics... I can't be bothered to crop 'em.

First one shows a little scruffy dip on the edge where a pin knot has dropped off, Since taking the pic, I've left a drop of low viscosity superglue on it for a while and then sanded it nicely with a little sanding tool made from an off cut of garden cane with some 120 grit sand paper glued on the end (see pic on right). Running that carefully over the dip with the electric drill has cleaned it to help prevent any fibres lifting, and I haven't removed any extra wood which would risk weakening it.
There's another filled pin that goes through the edge too, that my well pinch a little. I'll give that area some attention too.
In the pictures of it on the tiller there's an area that looks fat just left of the grip, viewed from the other side of the bow it looks thin, it due to the back of the bow being slightly on the twist at that point.
I was going to do a sketch but I've just run out of energy... I'll go and have a cat nap instead!

You can see the bow has been scraped and sanded, just about ready for some Danish Oil. I've branded it with my bowyer's mark too.
The nocks are rather handsome, I like the pale nocks on a warbow.

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