Monday, 4 January 2016

First Shots

I've made a decent string and shot 35 arrows through it, the first few felt slightly clattery, but I think it was how the bow sat in the hand. A few tweaks of the grip and arrow pass, and some work to narrow the tips further and she started shooting sweet and true. I gave the top nock a quick sanding and buff up to take some pics.
The great thing is how the bow has taken no set. I'd been slightly worried that the odd heart/sap in this wood may mean it was slightly rubbery, as I've found this before. It just shows how you can't jump to conclusions. If you look back at the build you'll see the wood originally had a big deflex! I've only made one slight heat adjustment and that was just to get the two limb at a similar angle to the grip.

Enough chat, here are some pics... it's not sanded or Danish Oiled and waxed yet so it looks a bit dull.

Once it's fully shot in I'll do the arrow plate.

Done some more adjusting of the grip and now got 50 arrows through it. Polished up the bottom nock too, it has some lovely streaks of grey running through it, bit of class.

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