Friday, 15 January 2016

Yew Warbow Braced

After a dull drear week we have blue sky, sun and a bit of frost, very uplifting.
I've done a lot of work reducing the thickness of the warbow mostly with rasps.
A second groove has been added to the temporary nocks to allow a stringer to be used (see video).

I've got it braced and part drawn so that I can see how it's bending.
The video shows how I braced it and explains some of the problems of tillering a warbow.
The bow is about 32mm thick at the grip evenly tapered by about 2mm every 6" .

Meanwhile I've roughed out the AFB. I've done a fine job of it.
The half log I cut it from was lovely and straight with a nice clean flat sawn face so I laid some 45mm wide steel channel along it and marked along that. I then ran it through the bandsaw giving clean faces to mark out the side view of the bow. The tricky part was judging how much of the sapwood to saw off, I got it just right.

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