Sunday, 17 January 2016

Chasing Your tail

I've shortened the Yew Warbow by taking an inch off each tip, I've used steam bending to take out some of the ugly deflex near the knot on the left and at the tip on the right.
These changes should bring up the draw weight.
I've slimmed tips significantly and put on the horn nocks, this should get the outer limbs moving better, improve the tiller but loose draw weight. The upshot is... I'm exactly where I was before!The freshly added hint of reflex has pulled out (the bow is overall dead straight now). Right limb looks good but the left is rather ugly.
The lower limb looks stiff in the outer third and maybe a bit weak at that kink... See Pic, slightly better than the previous, 2" shorter and horn nocks added.
Note:- I haven't pulled it to the full 32" as I'm not 100% happy with the tiller. Being a bit of a perfectionist does have it's down side... I'm sure plenty of people would be happy with it as it is. But one has to be true to oneself.
Anyhow given a choice between a bow with good tiller that's 10# light or one with bad tiller I know which I'd go for. Hopefully I'll manage to pull tiller and draw weight into line pics and probably video of the result tomorrow.

For the next step I've used dry heat to take out that kink on the lower limb and heat treated the inner 2/3 of that lower limb. The outer 1/3 has been reduced a tad to get it moving.
Hopefully this will get me a few pounds extra draw weight and a better tiller. I'll leave it overnight to cool down and re-acclimatize.

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