Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bracer Refurb and Musings

I hate trying to tie my bracer it's a right pain to get on and off so I got some boot hook eyelet thingies of E-bay and remade it. Here's the link:-
Speed Lace Hooks
I used an old lanyard from my glasses for the string as it has a small rubber loop on the end which is good for looping onto the last hook.
Pleased with the result, it's handy to be able to get it on and off quick when I want to shoot just a few arrows when shooting in a bow.
I shot another 10 through the primitive. Each time I pick it up I can feel how it sits in the hand, I noticed my grip was getting a tad high and my lower fingers weren't quite comfortable, so I rasped a little here and there. My grouping is getter better, of course some is down to the tweaking and fettling and some is down to getting used to the bow.
If you shoot a bow all the time you get used to it, it quite tricky to actually feel how it sits as it's easy to let the hand accommodate to the bow, but a tiny bit of work can make a big difference. I avoid any extreme shaping like a pistol grip on some recurves as it does need room to fit a different hand, but some gentle shaping helps a consistent position.
I once had a bloke say "oooh, but it's got a shaped grip" when looking at one of my bows which I was shooting as a "Primitive". I suppose he thought primitive man didn't have the time or inclination to whittle at a grip or create artwork or ornaments and had no concept of what felt right as he sat by the fire in the evening...
Ages ago there was an exhibition of Ice Age art at the British Museum, we went to see it and the work was stunning, you just wanted to pick up some of the pieces (but we couldn't touch them) as they looked so wonderfully tactile.

Yes, you've guessed the bloke was an opinionated arse.

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