Sunday, 31 January 2016

Give it a Rest

Not the best week, so I've not been working on bows.
I had a "funny turn", and lost my memory for about 4 hours. A very strange experience for all concerned, I was fine both physically and mentally but my memory span was down to about two minutes, so I kept asking the same questions.
Stuff from about 10 years ago was ok.
We went to the hospital and I'm now on some medication and not allowed to drive for 28 days.
That was a couple of days ago... Then last night Sophie the cat had a siezure which was very upsetting as it seemed to compound the upset. She's ok now, and the pair of us are just now't but trouble.

At one point during my memory loss I asked if I made bows, I then asked what I'd been doing in the workshop. My wife said she thought I'd been steaming or heat treating a bow... I was nonplussed and asked "Steaming, heat treating? What's that about?" She was V concerned as it's a big part of who I am.
It makes one think about the nature of memory... it's all come back now except the 4 hours of the incident.
If it hadn't come back then this diary would hopefully have helped me find my feet again.
I've had a bit of a tinker with the bow, but I'm not really back into it yet... I expect my enthusiasm for it will be back at it in a day or so.

It all rather reminds one of our frailty so look after yourselves and those you love... and your cats!


  1. Best wishes Derek. Hope you and Sophie are well and steam-bending in no time!

  2. Small stroke? You take care of yourself, ya hear

  3. Take car Del. We need you online with us :)

  4. Best wishes to you, hope it wont come back any time soon. If you ever forget how to steam bend again, there's a great blog where you can read up: it's called bowyer's diary, by some english guy... maybe set a bookmark.

  5. Best wishes Derek. I did not know about your memory episode. Take care of yourself as you are invaluable to us fledgling bowyers as well as the old hands.

  6. Take care of yourself Derek. I did not know about your memory loss episode. We fledgling bowyers as well as the old hands need your wit and expertise in the fine art of crafting these wonderful tools of are primeval past. Thank you and Sophie for letting us take part in your passion and enthusiasm.