Monday, 27 June 2016

BBY Improving the Tiller

I've taken an inch of each tip, narrowed the tips and eased off the stiff areas. The tiller is looking better so I've put the initial video and one I've just taken together to show the change.
Of course the work was done in stages and the result each time checked on the tiller, but the gradual improvements were rather subtle. Now a fair bit has been done you can see the change. There is still some work to do, but's now at 40# at about 23" so I have some leeway (I'm aiming for ~42# at 28").

Here's the video:-
Note, back of the bow is still protected with masking tape, scraping the rind off the 'boo and taking the nodes down further is one of the final things I do after fitting the nocks. (the nocks are just temporary ones at the moment)

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