Thursday, 30 June 2016

BBY Nearly There

I've got the horn nocks on, but not buffed up yet, the tips are V slim. It's pulling about 42# at 26" now and I'm just going over it checking for any thick spots, taking the nodes on the bamboo down a bit more and evening out the bend that last little bit.
In the pic you may see a V slight stiff spot on the right limb about 2/3 of the way along, there's a fleck of white on the wall just past the stiff spot, I checked with calipers and as I slid them along the limb, I could see it was a whisker thicker there. the left limb is still a hint stiff and I'll get the inner third eased off a tad, a light stroke with the  rasp and then scrape out the marks.
I want the tips unwinding to straight at full draw and a hint of movement over the inner limbs. With recurved tips it can look like all the bend is mid limb, this where looking along the limb as it's being flexed can help... maybe I'll try and video that, dunno if the camera will focus back and forth along the limb like your eye can.
One nice detail I'm hoping to do, is to use the arrow plate from his smashed bow on this replacement, sort of maintain some continuity.
Hopefully I'll get it finished over the weekend and then I'll start on a Yew longbow for the guy that sent me the Yew up from Wales.
I've made a string and tried 5 shots to settle it in.... oooh it's fast, really spitting 'em out. they go where I point it too. (well 3 out of 5)

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