Sunday, 19 June 2016

Flying Visit

The guy I'd made the 80# @ 29" Warbow came to collect it with his brother.
It was a bit of a rush as they were running late. He had a few shots with it and looked very comfortable, getting to 28" no problem. Doubtless when warmed up with longer arrows he'll get it even further. I showed him a couple of bows and he had 3 arrows with 'Twister'... I had a paper cut out rabbit target on the boss and he hit it plumb centre with one shot, a testament to both him and the bow.
I gave him a jar of Lord Sheraton's polish which was about 2/3 empty and a 29" flight arrow as an extra.
It wasn't until he'd rushed off that I realised the flight arrow may not fit on the string... if it's tight it could split the nock!!! I wrote a quick E-mail to warn him to check it before trying it out, and to open out the nock a tad with a round needle file if necessary.
It was shame they didn't have time for the full tour, but I think they had a long journey ahead of them.
mean while I've been tidying up the billets and splice for the Boo backed Yew and generally having a lazy fathers day. I've got beers and the promise of pizza while watching the football tomorrow night (England vs Slovakia in Euro 2016)... some home made jam tarts too.

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