Sunday, 5 June 2016

Holiday Yew Spotting

We had a family break in Norfolk, the weather was cold and windy but we made the best of it and had a good time.
Top pic shows Felixtowe docks across the River Orwell from the farm where we were staying.
On the farm there was a Yew tree tucked in amongst a small copse, basically it was two trunks, one of which was about 10" diameter and straight for about 7-8 feet. I spoke to the lady who ran the barn/cottage where we stayed and she wasn't averse to me harvesting it. It will be a bit of a drive and a two man job, but you don't get ow't for now't. I explained I'd cut it by hand to minimise disturbance and offered a reasonable payment.
On our drive back we stopped at Welney wetland centre near Ely and saw a great variety of birds including a Mash Harrier. There was even a Swallow nesting inside one of the hides. It was the best place we've been to for bird spotting, very accessible with a great cafe where you can overlook one of the lagoons and the bird feeders in comfort. There was another vast hide/study centre, with vast windows, books and comfy seating. It was warm and fully wheelchair accessible.
We also visited Sutton Hoo and and Owl sanctuary which was was V enjoyable despite the weather.

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