Sunday, 26 June 2016

'Boo backed Yew up on the tiller

I've got it on the tiller at a low brace with the stiffer limb as the lower one (to the left).
I'll probably take an inch of each tip (I'd allowed for that when gluing up) as it has a bit more reflex than I wanted. The tips aren't working muchl yet, but that's to be expected as they haven't been narrowed and I tend to tiller out from the centre. E.G. get the centre flexing first and work outwards, bringing the mid limbs and tips round.
You can see the left limb is too strong and the right inner/mid limb is doing most of the work.

Had a good shoot yesterday at Celtic Harmony, the Ray Guy memorial shoot, a friendly contest between Celtic and Cloth of Gold (Ray was a member of both clubs). We were lucky with the weather as despite hearing rolling thunder we escaped with just a few spots of rain. I was in a group all shooting longbows. Rose, Ann, Alan and Rob it was good company and we all had some good first arrow kills and the odd blank.
I was getting a bit leg weary by the end but woke this morning feeling looser and fitter than I have for a while. I think Emily the kitten is also a contributory as grovelling around of the floor playing cat games keeps the joints moving. She's developed a penchant for fighting my foot-ware and trying to crawl up my trouser legs :-)

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