Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Boo Backing Glued and a New Cat!

Emily the kitten (about 4-5months old) came yesterday evening, she's very self confident and has been exploring the house and running amok all morning.
She wore us all out and then slept most of the afternoon.

I marked out the Boo backed Yew bow to a fairy generous shape, 30mm wide at the grip out to about 10" either side, then tapering to 20mm at the tips.
Then I planed down the Bamboo back and got it glued up so that it will cured for tomorrow. It's clamped up with a bit of deflex reflex, but once finished it will probably only be a subtle hint. You can see from the quantity of shavings that most of a bamboo strip ends up on the floor! A good sharp blade on the plane makes it a pleasant task taking off satisfying curls .

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