Saturday, 18 June 2016

Starting a Boo backed Yew

I've just about had enough of arrows, but I need to get some repaired for a shoot next weekend. I've put new points of 4 where they'd snapped off full length (28") arrows, they will now be part of my 27" set. Three that had worse damage have had a few inches spliced onto the end, they'll be ready for new point tomorrow (I use 24 hour epoxy for the splices).
A while back I'd sorted out some of my billets and roughed out some possibles for a boo backed Yew for a friend of mine. I've done a bit more cutting the splice and thinning one billet to remove some some manky wood round a knot.
I was going a bit stir crazy being indoors most of the day so I popped out for a bit of a walk along the river bank, it was a tad chilly but I saw some good critters which cheered me up. Kingfisher, adolescent moorhens, ducklings, rabbits. The kingfisher is always spectacular with a big flash of bright blue as it drops and flies off just above the water.

The bottom pic shows the billets put together with a bit of natural deflex reflex. They will be thinned and a bit with heat, maybe even heat treated before being glued up.

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