Monday, 20 June 2016

Rain and some Heat bending

It's been stonking down all day so I've spent a bit of time getting the limbs for Boo backed Yew longbow looking a bit more even and better matched. The former is a scrap of ply that I'd used before, I adjusted the shape a bit to suit.
You can see I'm trying to be sympathetic to the original shape of the limbs.
The bow is going to have a hint of deflex reflex but not enough to stop it being considered an English Longbow.
The billets are now glued up, I'll look at trimming them to rough bow shape tomorrow, I'll leave a good margin of error, probably rough it out to about 30mm wide at the grip and 20mm at the tips. I'll check the face where the boo will glue is all on a plane and clean and flat. Then it's down to planing up some bamboo.

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