Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Arrow Plate & Feature Knot

I've got the arrow plate done on the warbow, clean simple large and unobtrusive, just the job.
I've shaped the grip a little of the primitive to help me see how far towards the grip I can get the limbs moving that area is commonly called the fade, where limb fades into grip. It's easy to have the grip and fade far too long which wastes working limb length and gives shorter more highly stressed limbs.
The bow was positioned in the stave to put 2 big knots at the grip, one will at the arrow pass and the other smaller becomes a feature knot on the other side. I could have rasped it away and lost it, but I think it will be V attractive on the finished bow, so much so that I could n't resist sanding it and giving it a wipe of Danish Oil. I've got the bow at a low brace but haven't tried it on the tiller today as I've been cleaning up the back, grip and knots, I imagine it's about 45# at 20" by now.
Taking Emily cat to the vet tomorrow, hopefully she'll be allowed out on her own... fingers crossed for her, as she's yearning to run off and roam a bit without a harness (or a collar which is even worse!)

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