Monday, 29 May 2017

Yew Primitive Finished

I took it out yesterday and shot over 50 arrows through it, checking the brace height as the string settled in. It was chucking 'em about 170-180 yards with my regular arrows. I'd shot 5 arrows through it the previous evening (see pic) and filed the grip a tad to improve comport and alignment. I'd given it a first wipe of Danish oil too, that shows up any tool marks.
I had been a tad anxious as I'd had a couple of blow ups recently, but I soon felt confident with the bow. I was wondering if I'd still need to take a little off the draw weight, but I put it up on the tiller this morning and it was spot on 45# at 28".
(Pic shows it taken to just over 28" to prove some safety factor). So it's good to finish off the fiddling and fetting round the nocks and arrow pass to get them clean and true.

I've spent most of the morning tweaking the nocks and sanding the bow ready for final coats of Danish Oil, I was hoping to get some pics of it finished, but it will take a day or so to get several coats on. I'll buff up the nocks and get a couple of pics just to whet your appetite.

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