Thursday, 4 May 2017

Laburnum Character Bow Flexing

I've done some heat bending with the hot air gun and a lot G lamps, bricks tied with string, rubber strapping and some sunflower oil ! The shape is a bit better now with some of the twist taken out and a bit of reflex in the outer of each limb. Overall I like the tips to pretty much stay in line with the grip, trying for too much reflex on a character bow would be looking for trouble. I've taken some video of the first flexing. Predictably the limb with the big knot has been left stiff, since then I've eased it off to get the limbs moving more together and got it at a low brace.
Video here:-
You can see in the latest pic (lower) it is more even but the right needs to flex more inner/mid limb. Not sure if I'll ever get any movement near the knot or grip. the outers are uncoiling a bit, so it's coming along.

I couldn't resist cleaning out the big knot to get an idea of how it will look when (and if!) the bow is finished.

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