Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Repair Progress and the Primitive

The repair has been unstrapped from the straight plank and cleaned up, I'll give it another 24 hours before flexing it but you can see it's straightened out some of the set. the finished patch feels thicker and the dip in that limb isn't evident. The two part approach with the 2 little patches under the long one looks sound from an engineering and aesthetic perspective. We won't know how it really looks until it is on the tiller. If the fix has restored that lower limb I will evaluate the upper and see if that needs some work.
Pic below shows the first two small patches rasped down ready for the long patch over the top of them.

I've worked down the primitive stave and got it on the tiller for my first look. It's obviously way too stiff still, but the limbs look nice and even. The bit of work I've done taking twist and deflex out has worked out too and it is looking promising.

We are taking Emily cat to the vet tomorrow morning and hopefully she'll be allowed out on her own which will give me more time working on the bows. We've been letting her out on a harness and only putting her collar on at night.

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