Friday, 12 May 2017

Odds n Ends

Taken some thickness off the Yew primitive limbs and taken some twist out each limb with the hot air gun. Dry heat seems to leave the correction/bend/whatever set in much more solid with less bounce back than steam. I used to favour steam, but am now favouring dry heat (with some sunflower oil) more now.
I made up 5 gallons of "Hoppy Copper Bitter" yesterday, which will provide some Summer beer.
Emily cat is doing well after her op', but driving us bonkers wanting to go out.
My daughter popped round with a bottle of Vin Blanc from Binky her White Van (see what she did there?) as a thank you for helping her do the wheel bearings. He's in fine fettle now and much quieter.

I'm slightly in trepidation of posting pics of the Yew Primitive seeing as how I jumped the gun on the last bow and the damn thing exploded. I was V disappointed as I was hoping it would become a bit of a masterpiece, but pride comes before a fall. Onwards and upwards.
Meanwhile I bought some high tensile Aluminium sheet to do some tests on crossbow limb configurations as I'd like to try and make a wood/bamboo crossbow that is competitive, can't say I'd likely shoot it much, but I do have a soft spot for crossbows having made a fair few in my youth.
I think they are greatly maligned and are no more inherently "dangerous" than compounds with release aids. (Just my opinion especially having heard "Oooh that went off when I wasn't expecting it" from a compound archer).
IMO there are silly rules (NFAS) like you aren't allowed to cock the bow until you are on the peg, this wastes time... it should be that you must not cock the bow until you are on the peg or next to shoot, BUT you must not load the bolt until you are on the peg.
Also Aluminium bows are not allowed... I've never had a breakage of an Aluminium bow, and they could easily specify that it must be bound with 3 layers of insulation tape/cloth tape or similar (to prevent a broken limb causing injury. they don't seem worried about longbows exploding!
I think our sport is remarkably safe and unfortunately a few idiots (I daresay they aren't members of an archery organisation) cause headlines for the wrong reasons.
maybe some pics tomorrow...

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