Friday, 26 May 2017

Yew Primitive Getting Close

It's pulling back to about 24" now from a higher brace (still not quite full brace), Both limbs are bending nicely, I've been bringing the right limb round a bit more and the left one now needs easing off a tad to match, that will pretty much get it to full draw along with some narrowing of tips and cleaning up the tool marks. I may get it into a shootable state for a try out on Sunday.

I walked up to the town past the woods and noticed they cleared the edge of the woods where it borders the brook, they taken down a Maple and tidied some Hazel too, the leaves were still on the Maple so it couldn't have been down long so I went back and salvaged a couple of bits. They'd made a right pigs ear of cutting it and the best bit was rather split. Still there could be some bows there. Worst case it can be thrown away later.

Emily the cat is doing well, she has her collar off all day now which is great for her mood... those collars are horrid as the interfere with whiskers and ears which stops 'em running about in a normal manner. We are keeping her on a lead in the garden for a little longer, but I'm letting her wander a bit or sit in the cool of the flowerbed without hovering over her.


  1. looking good Del, I have noticed some of your pics of bows on the tiller seem to be canted.
    Are you making one limb bend more than the other?

  2. Hi, The bow is canted because it is supported on the tiller where the hand will support it in use. The string is drawn from where the other hand will draw it in use. As the bow is drawn it straightens up exactly like a bow does in the hand (it's just that not many people notice this effect!). A bow is not symmetrical. If it's supported and pulled from dead centre it will end up being weak in the lower limb. Even modern target bows are set up with the lower limb slightly stiffer.